10 Best Web Designing Courses in Singapore

Reyra Lerina April 16, 2024

Best Web Designing Course in SG – With the digital world constantly evolving, having a well-designed and developed website is crucial for any business. Enhancing your web design skills not only makes you an invaluable asset to your company but also opens new career opportunities. 

This article will guide you through the 10 best web designing courses in Singapore that can help you master this digital craft.

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1. Equinet Academy

Equinet Academy


Equinet Academy, known for its practical and hands-on approach, offers a comprehensive 2-day WordPress website creation course. As a leading digital marketing agency in Singapore, it instills in students the importance of creating effective digital strategies and business growth.

Service, Website & Location

The best web designing course at Equinet Academy covers a vast array of topics, including website security, WordPress settings, hosting, and web maintenance. Upon completion, learners are granted access to course resources for three years, making it an excellent choice for continuous learning and skill enhancement. 

More details about their services can be found on their website. They are located at 10 Anson Road, #25-08 International Plaza, Singapore 079903.

2. National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore


The National University of Singapore (NUS), a globally recognized institution, offers a professional certificate in web and mobile application development. The course focuses on both the artistic and technical aspects of web design, providing a well-rounded learning experience.

Service, Website & Location

NUS’s course is the next best web designing course, covering modern JavaScript writing styles, theoretical and practical development foundations, and programming. The course is ideal for those aspiring to roles in software development, software engineering, and web development. 

More information about the course can be found on the NUS website. The university is located at 21 Lower Kent, Ridge Road, Singapore 119077.

3. Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing


Impossible Marketing offers a Certificate in WordPress Web Design. Their best web designing course focuses on creating websites using WordPress, a platform utilized by many Fortune 500 companies. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to gain industry-specific knowledge.

Service, Website & Location

Learners are exposed to successful case studies and strategies, giving them a practical insight into the industry. Course highlights include setting up e-commerce stores on WordPress and on-page search engine optimization. 

You can find more about their course on their website. They are located at 14A Yan Kit Road, Singapore 088266.

4. ALPHA Camp



ALPHA Camp offers career-focused programs on web and mobile app development. Unlike other courses, ALPHA Camp’s curriculum caters to both beginners and advanced learners, offering a tailor-made learning experience for each student.

Service, Website & Location

ALPHA Camp’s best web designing course covers a wide range of topics, from web design basics to advanced programming languages, ensuring comprehensive skill acquisition. More details about their course offerings can be found on their website. They are located at 43B Pagar Road, Chinatown Port, Singapore 088464.

5. Awesome Sites


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Awesome Sites


Awesome Sites offers a range of WordPress training workshops, from basic to advanced levels. Their courses are highly affordable and cover a wide range of topics, making them a great choice for learners at all levels.

Service, Website & Location

Awesome Sites offers two-day workshops on different aspects of web design, including social media marketing and e-commerce. You can find more about their courses on their website. They are located at 64 Flora Road, The Gale, Singapore 506911.

6. Tertiary Courses


Tertiary best web designing course offers a range of web design courses including HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Web Design, and Web Framework. These courses offer a comprehensive learning experience, covering all aspects of web design and development.

Service, Website & Location

Tertiary Courses offers a variety of courses that cater to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced learners. The courses are designed to equip students with essential skills for constructing websites and applications. 

More information can be found on their website. They are located at 12 Woodlands Square, Singapore 737715.

7. The Digital Spacee


The Digital Spacee, a Marketing & Tech Agency, offers a range of services from digital marketing to web design. Their focus is on providing disruptive marketing services, helping businesses make their brands more valuable.

Service, Website & Location

The Digital Spacee offers a variety of best web designing course and workshops tailored to different skill levels and needs. They offer training in various areas, including web design, social media marketing, and e-commerce. 

More about their services can be found on their website. They are located at 28 Tai Seng St, Singapore 534106.

8. IT.com.sg


Striving to be Singapore’s top tech and IT site, IT.com.sg compiles a list of the best local companies and services. They are known for their straightforward and easy-to-understand courses, making them a preferred choice for many tech enthusiasts.

Service, Website & Location

IT.com.sg offers a range of courses on various topics, including web design, digital marketing, and software products. They guide IT leaders through challenges and trends, helping businesses adapt and establish a strong online presence. You can find more about them on their website.

9. JIN Design


JIN Design, a one-stop website agency, offers services such as design, development, enhancement, and maintenance for websites. Their aim is to support clients by improving their website’s communication, performance, and security.

Service, Website & Location

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JIN Design the next best web designing course offers a variety of courses, from designing a new website to optimization performance. Additionally, they offer maintenance services, making them a dependable option for those seeking to improve their web design capabilities.

More about their courses can be found on their website. They are located at 7 Temasek Boulevard #12-07 Suntec Tower One Singapore 038987.

10. WebSell Solutions


WebSell Solutions, established in 2011, is home to professionals with a background in IT and Design & Marketing. They offer a Website Design & Development Course that equips you with the skills required to design, develop, and maintain a website.

Service, Website & Location

WebSell Solutions offer up-to-date knowledge and strategies, teaching students how to bring their web sketches to the Internet. With a class size of 8 or fewer participants, students can expect better-focused guidance from the trainer. 

More about their course can be found on their website. They are located at 60 Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 409051.

In conclusion, web designing is a valuable skill in today’s digital world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced web designer looking to enhance your skills, there is a course for you on this list. Choose the best web designing course that suits your needs and start your journey to becoming a web design expert.

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