15 Best WordPress Plugin You Must Install

Reyra Lerina April 2, 2024

Best WordPress Plugins – WordPress is a powerful platform used by millions of website owners worldwide. Its flexibility is largely due to the vast array of plugins available, allowing users to extend and customize their sites to meet specific needs.

In this guide, we present the 15 best WordPress plugins you must install to optimize your website’s functionality and performance.

1. HubSpot

Source: Hubspot.com

HubSpot’s best WordPress plugin is an all-encompassing toolkit that enhances your site’s lead generation, email marketing, analytics, CRM, and customer engagement functionalities. It harmonizes with HubSpot’s CRM, providing a seamless workflow for capturing and managing leads.

It also comes with a user-friendly dashboard and analytics, equipping you with insightful data to make informed marketing decisions. The plugin is designed to integrate seamlessly with your website, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to expand their reach and improve their online presence.

2. WooCommerce

Source: woo.com

If you’re looking to turn your WordPress site into a fully functional online store, WooCommerce is the go-to plugin. This eCommerce plugin provides a robust platform for selling both digital and physical products.

WooCommerce offers extensive customization options, allowing you to set currencies, display reviews and ratings, add sorting and filtering functions, and much more. It’s also free to use, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to establish an online presence.

3. WPForms

Source: WPForms.com

WPForms is the best wordpress plugin and user-friendly form builder that enables you to create a variety of online forms without any coding knowledge. From contact forms to online order forms, this plugin provides an easy-to-use interface for creating and managing forms.

It also offers pre-built form templates to simplify the form creation process, and integrates with popular marketing and payment platforms for a seamless user experience.

4. All in One SEO

All in One SEO
Source: aioseo.com

All in One SEO (AIOSEO) is a comprehensive SEO plugin that helps enhance your website’s search engine visibility. It provides a variety of tools to improve your site’s SEO, including SEO title and meta description optimization, XML sitemap generation, Google Search Console integration, and more.

AIOSEO goes beyond basic SEO functionalities, offering advanced features like content optimizer with TruSEO score, author SEO, headline analyzer, custom schema generator, and more. These features make it easier to optimize your site for search engines, ensuring better visibility and higher rankings.

5. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO
Source: yoast.com

Another powerful SEO plugin, Yoast SEO, provides a suite of tools to optimize your pages and posts for search engines. It offers SEO title and meta description templates, keyword optimization, readability analysis, and more.

Yoast SEO also integrates with Google Search Console, allowing you to track your site’s performance and make necessary adjustments for improved rankings. This best wordpress plugin is particularly useful for beginners as it provides easy-to-follow recommendations for optimizing your content.

6. Jetpack

Jetpack is a versatile and best wordpress plugin that offers a range of features to enhance your site’s performance and security. From improving site speed through CDN services to protecting your site from spam and malicious attacks, Jetpack ensures your website runs smoothly and securely.

Jetpack also provides additional functionalities such as social sharing buttons, contact forms, email subscription forms, and more, making it a comprehensive solution for enhancing your site’s performance and user experience.

7. Elementor

Elementor is the next best wordpress plugin and powerful page builder that allows you to create stunning website designs without any coding skills. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to design and customize your web pages.

With Elementor, you can choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates or create a completely custom layout from scratch. It also provides a range of widgets and features to enhance your site’s functionality and design, making it a must-have plugin for any WordPress website.

8. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache stands out as a popular and top-rated WordPress plugin for caching, enhancing your site’s performance by storing website content in the user’s browser for quicker access. 

Additionally, the plugin provides features like CSS and JavaScript file minification, GZIP compression, and more, all contributing to faster page load times and an improved user experience.

9. Smush

Images have a significant impact on the speed and performance of your website. Smush is an image optimization and best wordpress plugin that compresses and optimizes your images for faster page load times.

Smush automatically compresses images as you upload them to your site, reducing their file size without compromising on quality. This optimization ensures swift website loading times, resulting in an improved user experience.

10. Borderless

Borderless is an add-on plugin that enhances your existing page builder with additional elements and widgets. It provides unique features such as testimonials, sliders, custom icon uploaders, custom post types, and related posts among others, allowing you to design your site with more features and options.

This plugin is compatible with all themes, page builders, and plugins, making it a versatile tool for enhancing your site’s functionality and design.

11. Akismet Spam Protection

Akismet is the next best wordpress plugin and popular anti-spam plugin that keeps your site clean and professional by checking your contact form submissions and comments for potential spam. 

It also allows you to review and manage the comments stopped or cleared by the plugin, giving you more control over your site’s comment section.

12. Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is a top-tier WordPress plugin enabling you to craft breathtaking sliders, carousels, and hero images for your website.

It offers a range of templates and customization options, enabling you to create visually appealing elements that enhance your site’s design and user experience.

13. Weglot

If you’re looking to create a multilingual website, Weglot is the best wordpress plugin for you. It allows you to add multiple languages to your site, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Weglot provides machine translation for a quick setup, and gives you full control over your translations for more accurate results. It also handles translated metadata, hreflang tags, and translated URL slugs for improved SEO.

14. iThemes Security

iThemes Security is a comprehensive security plugin that provides over 30 ways to protect your site and users. Features include password expiration, two-factor authentication, reCAPTCHA, malware scanning, and more.

The plugin also offers security templates tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your site is well-protected against potential threats.

15. WP Sticky

WP Sticky is the last best wordpress plugin that allows you to make any element on your site sticky. This means you can have elements such as menus, headers, or other important features remain visible as users scroll through your site, improving navigation and user experience.


In conclusion, the best WordPress plugins can significantly enhance your website’s functionality, performance, and user experience. Whether you’re looking to improve your site’s SEO, speed, security, or design, there’s a plugin out there that can help. 

Remember to choose plugins that align with your specific needs and goals, and always keep them updated to ensure optimal performance.

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