7 Best App to Learn Languages Free in 2024

Reyra Lerina March 16, 2024

Best App to Learn Languages Free – Picking up a new language can be an exciting journey, opening up a world of opportunities, enhancing cognitive abilities, and offering a deeper appreciation of diverse cultures.

While traditional language learning methods can often be expensive and rigid, digital solutions have made it easier, more accessible, and cost-effective. 

This article explores the 7 best app to learn languages free, providing a comprehensive overview of each, including their pros, cons, and pricing.

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1. Memrise

Source: memrise.com

Memrise is a best app to learn languages free that adopts a unique and gamified approach to facilitate vocabulary enhancement. 

Ideal for students and professionals alike, it employs proven memory-retention techniques and native speaker videos to cement lessons into learners’ minds.


Memrise offers an engaging learning experience, combining visual aids, mnemonic techniques, and humor. 

It boasts high-quality audio recordings of native speakers and presents learners with a wide variety of topics for a tailored learning experience.


The platform’s primary focus is on vocabulary, often leaving grammar instruction as a secondary aspect. 

Furthermore, its dependence on an internet connection may not be suitable for users in areas with limited connectivity or those who prefer offline study options.


The app is available for free with an option for additional features through in-app purchases.

2. Duolingo

Source: Duolingo.com

Duolingo is an interactive language learning app designed to make learning a new language fun. 

It employs game-like learning sessions, interactive lessons, and learning streaks to keep learners engaged and motivated.


Duolingo supports a multitude of languages and offers organized, progressive lessons. The app is designed to teach sentence structure from the beginning, making it an ideal choice for beginners.


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Duolingo’s lessons, while engaging, may lead to a surface-level understanding of a language. 

Advanced fluency and complex language skills may require supplementary learning resources.


Duolingo is free to use, with a premium subscription option for additional features.

3. Busuu

Source: Busuu.com

Busuu is a best app to learn languages free, that offers over 200 structured lessons focusing on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. The application caters to individuals ranging from novice to intermediate levels of proficiency.


Busuu offers a personalized approach to language learning with specialized topics that align with the learner’s interests or needs. 

The app also includes a growing community of language enthusiasts offering a supportive environment for practice and cultural exchange.


Certain advantageous features such as flashcards may not be readily apparent, potentially impeding learners from fully utilizing all the available tools.


Some features of Busuu are free, with more comprehensive access available through a premium subscription.

4. Beelinguapp

Source: Beelinguapp.com

Beelinguapp is a unique language learning platform that helps users develop their language proficiency through reading. 

The app supports reading in your first language and the one you are learning simultaneously on the screen.


Beelinguapp offers a variety of stories on the app, enhancing the learning experience. The app’s two-in-one feature allows you to immerse yourself in a story while learning a new language.


Beelinguapp offers a limited amount of free stories. Mastering pronunciation through reading rather than solely relying on auditory input can yield a notable disparity in proficiency.


The application is free to download, but it provides in-app purchases for extra features.

5. HelloTalk

Source: hellotalk.com

HelloTalk is a unique and best app to learn languages free that connects learners with native speakers to provide an immersive learning experience. 

It offers one of the largest language learning communities with over 150 languages.


HelloTalk enables learners to communicate with native speakers, helping them understand different cultures. 

The app also allows learners to share some tips and tricks in learning their language.


The quality of language feedback can vary as not all native speakers are skilled teachers.


HelloTalk is free to use but offers in-app purchases for additional features.

6. Drops

Source: languagedrops.com


Drops is the best app to learn languages free that focuses on quick vocabulary acquisition, ideal for travelers. The app incorporates swiping motions and animations to assist users in memorizing words.


Drops provides high-quality graphics with native speaker audio clips. The app also adapts to the user’s proficiency level, offering an increasing difficulty curve.


Drops focuses heavily on vocabulary, leaving grammar instruction as a secondary aspect.


The app is available for free; however, a premium subscription option exists for additional features.

7. LingoDeer

Source: LingoDeer.com

LingoDeer is a best app to learn languages free, that offers more than 200 structured lessons focusing on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. 

The application is specifically crafted to accommodate both novice users who are just starting their learning journey and those who have progressed to an intermediate level of proficiency.


LingoDeer presents a well-organized curriculum, ensuring a thorough and immersive learning journey. The app also provides review activities, helping users retain and process the new information they’ve learned.


Certain advantageous features, such as flashcards, may not be readily apparent, potentially impeding learners from fully exploiting all the available tools at their disposal.


LingoDeer is free to use, with in-app purchases for additional features.


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Each of these apps presents unique features and instructional methods, making language learning both accessible and compelling. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, these 7 best app to learn languages free can be an invaluable tool in your language learning journey. 

By selecting the app that best suits your learning style and goals, you can unlock the benefits of multilingualism and broaden your horizons.

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